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What Dental Work to Schedule Before Year’s End

Published on November 1st, 2017

Long before the ball drops in New York City, marking the official start of 2018, and even before you make your own New Year’s Eve plans, it is imperative that you get one more event locked on your busy holiday schedule – a visit to your dentist’s office. It’s true! Your year-end dental visit can make or break your dental health plan, as well as save you money in the long run.

Your dental insurance ends at year’s end, which means you will have to start chipping away at your deductible again on January 1, 2018. Take advantage of your dental benefits, as well as any decreased deductible by scheduling dental work before the new year begins. Here are a few options for you to consider as you talk to your dentist about your individualized treatment goals.

Semi-annual check-ups
First and foremost, assure that you, and your family, have had two check-ups this year. Unfortunately, many patients only make it in for a check-up once per year, missing out on insurance benefits as well as the chance to talk with your dentist. Your semi-annual appointments give your dentist the chance to see any potential concerns, and gives your hygienist the chance to clean your teeth thoroughly. Don’t miss out on this crucial part of your dental wellness plan; call to schedule your appointment today!

Dental Implants
If you need a crown, bridge, or other dental implant, consider having the work done before the year end. Your insurance deductible will be much easier for you to manage this close to the end of the year, and you can save yourself money while still completing these needed repairs to your smile.

Tooth Whitening
Some insurance plans cover tooth whitening services, and many allow costs for the services to be taken out of the yearly deductible. If you have been wondering if whitening is in your budget, now may be the perfect time to find out.

If you are wondering about your dental plan, or about your insurance, give our friendly office staff a call. We are happy to work with your insurance plan and get your appointment set within the year-end time frame. Let’s be sure to see you in 2017!

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